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B-52 Speakers are built to engineering perfection using the most innovative design concepts and materials. Every component of the B-52 Speakers is manufactured to maximum tolerances by some of the some of the most well-respected engineers in the world.

B-52 Speakers are subjected to a wide array of quality-assurance tests during and post assembly to make sure that all their systems and components are real-world reliable.

B-52 makes a wide range of PS systems and speaker cabinets to fit all your needs. These powered or non-powered systems feature subwoofer cabinets and full-range cabinets that bring your sound alive. Check one out today!


B-52 LX-18V2 subwoofer cabinetB-52 LX-18V2 Passive Folded Horn Subwoofer

At the heart of the LX-18 V2 is the new B-52 18-200X with a cast-aluminum frame, massive 200 oz. magnet, double spider anti-rocking surround and innovative 4” dual-layered, tempered voice coil. Serious bass thump!

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