Behringer Replacement Speakers and Replacement DiaphragmsBehringer speakers and replacement diaphragms

We carry a complete line of the most popular Behringer speakers and replacement diaphragms. Get your Behringer cabinets back on-line with these easy-to-install diaphragms and replacement speakers.

Not sure about which Behringer replacement speakers fit your cabinets? We can help you with detailed information for the best fit for your system. Call us today at 847.963.0733!

Our Behringer replacement speakers and diaphragms

delt-15 speaker delta pro 12 speaker Eminence kappa pro 15
Eminence Omega Pro 18A -
18" subwoofer handles 800W RMS with a 4" voice coil, 40-800Hz response, 22 lbs.
P Audio BMD440-RD -
Replacement diaphragm that fits many high frequency drivers used in Behringer cabinets.
P Audio PAD34.8RD -
Replacement diaphragm for the A150F cabinet, PAD 34 HF driver, Behringer 34T30D8, Behringer B212D and others, 8 ohm.

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