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CGM replacement partsCGM Music is no longer in business but we can help with speaker parts and service for their monitors and speaker cabinets. Although we cannot warranty any of the CGM monitors and speakers, we will be happy to supply replacement speaker parts and/or speaker repair service on CGM monitors and speakers. Find your replacement parts using the links at right.

If you are looking for replacement speakers or monitors, please visit our Speaker Cabinets page or contact us directly for assistance.

15" passive monitors


Now Available!

Loudspeakers Plus Monitors!
Our 15" 2-way stage monitors are up to 30% lighter, 3dB louder, and can be used on small stages or large stages with our dual angle option. Check one out today and see what you are missing!


CGM Replacement Speaker Parts

Replacement Diaphragms
Replacement Horn Driver
15" Stage Monitors