Genuine EV Replacement Speakers, Subwoofers, and Replacement DiaphragmsElectro-Voice speakers and replacement diaphragms

EV component woofers are high-efficiency designs highly refined from years of development and field experience. They employ extended-length voice coils for high-impact reproduction of dynamic low-frequency program.

All woofers feature proprietary heat-transfer systems for unmatched power
capacity and reliability. Kevlar®-fiber-composite cones are used to provide structural strength to resist collapse during explosive dynamic peaks and to provide internal mechanical damping to minimize resonances that can change the
character of the sound at high levels.

DL and EVX woofers are made of cast aluminium frames with push terminals, and
all feature Ring-Mode Decoupling™ (RMD™) except for the DL18MT and the EVX180B.

We have a complete line of replacement diaphragms for almost all of the most popular EV high frequency drivers and they are in stock! We have the best prices on these diaphragms. If you are looking for a diaphragm for your DH-3, DH2010, DH2A, DH1, or other EV HF driver, we have them. Give us a call if you don't see yours listed - we'll find it!

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Replacement High Frequency Diaphragms
Diaphragm Replacement Instructions

81514 replacement diaphragm 81161 replacement diaphragm 84234 diaphragm  
EV 81514XX -
Replacement diaphragm for the EV DH2010A, DH200S, DH-3, DH2005 and more.
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EV 81161XX -
Genuine EV Replacement Diaphragm
For EV DH2A, DH2, DH2/AS1, DH2/AS2, DH2AMT and DH2T drivers.
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EV 84234XX -
Replacement Diaphragm For EV DH1, DH1A, DH1AM7, DH1A-WP, DH1A-WPX, DH1012. N-DYM1, N-DYM-1MT, DH5WPX, DH6, DH7 drivers, 8 ohm.
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