Need To Find Some Replacement Guitar or Bass Speakers?

We proudly carry a complete line of the best replacement guitar speakers for your amp. Whether you need a replacement guitar speaker or just looking for a new sound, we offer a wide variety of the best guitar speakers available.  From hemp cone guitar speakers, AlNico guitar speakers and traditional guitar speakers from:

Eminence guitar speakers
EV Guitar speakers
JBL Guitar speakers
Jensen guitar speakers
Celestion Guitar Speakers

Eminence Guitar and Bass Speakers

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Since 1966, Eminence has been providing better guitar speakers for less. Today, industry leaders such as Fender, Crate, Marshall, and Ampeg have trusted Eminence to provide high performance products at an economical price.

Eminence guitar speakers offer you a limitless choice of tones, whether you play vintage style amps or use the latest modeling technology. Eminence has the speakers that allow you to "Pick Your Sound".

The Patriot Series

The Patriot Series of guitar speakers say one thing- "American Made". These classic tone models epitomize the stamp that America rock and blues has put on modern music. Take a look at the complete line of Patriot speakers to see how they can change your sound.

The Red Coat Series

The Red Coat Series speakers revive the unmistakable sound of the British Invasion. Manufactured in the U.S. with British paper, these speakers deliver the definitive tone that took America by storm. Check out the whole series and give your amp that distinct British tone.

The Legend Series

Whether you want to hot rod your cab or update your tone, The Legend Series offers a wide range of tonal characteristics for vintage or modern guitar sounds. There are many sizes and types available, so try them all!

Originally developed in the late 40’s, Jensen pioneered the earliest versions of Rock ‘n Roll speakers using Alnico magnets and seamed paper cones.

Today, Jensen still manufactures it’s vintage line of alnico and ceramic magnet guitar speakers, coupled with new designs for digital modeling amps utilizing cutting edge technology.

Jensen Jet Blackbird Alnico speakerJensen Jets

The Jensen Jet Blackbird, with its 100 watts of pure AlNiCo tone, is one of the highest watt AlNiCo speaker ever made. This slick black speaker sings at all altitudes of play with a smooth modern tone, giving you that "one with the amp” feel that you’ve been seeking.

P Series

Long life and high efficiency alnico magnets with seamed cones (where offered) provide the signature Jensen vintage tone. Replace your old tired alnicos with a fresh Jensen!

C Series

This ceramic magnet series offers more tonal options with a lower cost when compared to alnico magnet models. These are perfect replacement speakers for most vintage and modern amps.

Mod Series

Designed specifically for today’s modeling amps that require a speaker to provide transparent tone without coloring from the digital amp source.

Neo Series

The future of all speakers, neodymium magnets provide a combination of warmth and high power in a very lightweight package. Don't let the size scare you- these speakers rock!

Celestion Guitar Speakers

Celestion Guitar Speakers

Celestion guitar speakers have been the backbone of most high-powered speaker cabinets for over 30 years. They come in many flavors, including the Celestion Blue, one of the first Alnico speakers ever made, and still the champ when it comes to smooth tone.

Celestion also makes a wide range of vintage and classic guitar speakers, including the G12M Greenback, the G12T-75, G12H, and Vintage 30. If you look inside most Marshall, Hi-Watt, or Vox cabinets, you'll probably see a Celestion!

Fane Acoustics Guitar Speakers

Fane guitar speakers have been behind some the most influential guitar tones of all time. From Vox and Hi Watt to Orange and Trace Elliot, Fane truly signifies what British tone is all about.

Just ask the Beatles, Eric Clapton or Pete Townsend. Since the early 60’s, Fane helped establish some the most unique tones for some of Rock’n Roll’s most revered guitar legends.

The Axiom Series

British paper and ceramic magnets provide unique tonal coloring for vintage style or modern rock, blues and jazz guitar. Truly a British classic. Available in 10" and 12" sizes.

The Axiom Alnico Series

The Fane heritage lies in it’s classic alnico guitar speakers, offering the matchless dark tones that only this British alnico magnet can provide. These are premium tone monsters!.

Zakk Wylde Black Label EVM12L guitar speakers
EVM12L- Black Label Guitar Speakers
Zakk Wylde Black Label EVM12L guitar speakers

Zakk Wylde Guitar Speakers:  Zakk Wylde demands killer tone and power from his guitar speakers.  300 watts of it - EACH!  That's why the only guitar speakers Zakk Wylde uses are the EVM12L-Black Label.  EV and Zakk Wylde have teamed up to bring you one monsterous guitar speaker, the EVM-12L Black Label.

The following write-up is from the official Black Label EVM-12L website:
The original EVM12L 12" guitar speakers were introduced in 1983. Known for its huge tone, gorgeous low-end and incredible stability at extreme volumes, it quickly achieved legendary status. Top guitarists and bassists loved it not only for its sound, but also for its reliability. Tour after tour, the EVM12L held up to the demands of the most punishing players.

Enter: the EVM-12L BLACK LABEL, the OFFICIAL guitar speakers of Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society. Take the EVM-12L, add Zakk's personal specs (improved power handling, improved magnet design, better venting, and the Black Label colors), and now you have the greatest guitar speakers in the world. Wanna argue with Zakk on that? I didn't think so. Remember: the only label is BLACKTM. Handmade by hardworking, real American folks in Morrilton, Arkansas, the EVM-12L Black Label is the product of EV blood and sweat.

JBL Replacement Guitar Speaker

Need to replace your old JBL E120 guitar speakers? Try our new JBL E120 Replacement guitar speakers, the Beyma Liberty-8 It's the perfect JBL replacement guitar speaker with all the tone characteristics, power-handling and rugged construction you are looking for.