Harbinger replacement diaphragms and speakersHarbinger Replacement Speakers and Replacement Diaphragms

We carry a complete line of the most popular Harbinger speaker cabinet replacement parts. Get your Harbingers back on-line with these easy-to-install diaphragms and replacement speakers.

Check your Harbinger speakers carefully to be sure that you order the right replacement parts.

To make sure that you get the right speaker for your cabinet, call us today at 847.963.0733!

We have all the popular Harbinger repair parts you need!

MIKV2 replacement diaphragm for Harbinger drivers Comp 4D-HRB replacement diaphragm for harbinger drivers PAX15HB harbinger repavement speaker

Replacement Diaphragm

Titanium replacement diaphragm for B-52 Matrix V.2 Series and others.
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Replacement Diaphragm

Also fits Harbinger HCD-1175 & HCD-1135 High Frequency Compression Drivers.
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P Audio PAX15HB 15" Replacement Speaker

350 Watts/2.5" Voice Coil/ 4 Ohms.
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