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P Audio 1" High Frequency Drivers

Most of the popular consumer-grade 2-way and 3-way speaker cabinets these days use a 1-inch compression driver. P Audio makes a wide variety of drivers to fit just about any application in many of these cabinets. Check your specs and then take a look to see which of these drivers will fit the bill. They are available in light-weight neodymium as well as the standard ferrite magnet versions. If you need help finding the right driver for your cabinet, give us a call at 1.866.963.0733 for more information.

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P Audio BMD440S II 1" HF Driver P AUDIO BMD440S II

1" HF Driver,
80 Watts RMS, 1.5-15kHz
8 Ohms, 108dB Sensitivity

Our Price: $74.99
P Audio SD44SF 1" HF Driver P AUDIO SD44SF

1" HF Driver,
50 Watts AES, 1.2-20kHz
8 Ohms, 105dB Sensitivity

Our Price: $57.99