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Peavey Sheffield Pro 1500 15" replacement bass Speaker

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Description Technical Specs

Peavey Sheffield Pro 1500 15" Bass Speaker

Size: 15"
Power Rating
: 250W RMS
Frequency Response: 40-3kHz
Sensitivity: 98db
Impedance: 8 ohms
Voice Coil: 2.5" Edge-wound copper

Weight: 12.5 lbs.
Peavey Part No: 00577910

The Pro 1200+ and Pro 1500+ drivers are high quality, high efficiency woofers. They are an excellent choice for medium power subwoofer and full range enclosure applications up to 400 watts program.


The Pro 1200+ is an exceptional performer as the low end of a two way enclosure or a very compact, moderate output subwoofer. Very smooth frequency response is combined with amazing bass response for its size, all with good efficiency and high sound quality. The Pro 1500+ has surprisingly smooth and extended frequency response, along with high efficiency and very strong bass performance. The Pro 1500+ delivers a solid bottom end in a variety of enclosure designs. It is an exceptional performer in bass guitar and subwoofer applications.


The Pro 1200+ and Pro 1500+ drivers are excellent choices for a wide range of sound reinforcement, high level playback, musical instrument, subwoofer, and monitor applications. Both woofers are also great choices as replacement drivers. You can restore top performance to your aging instrument amps and speaker systems with these new, high quality loudspeakers. The 15” driver can produce high sound pressure levels down to 40 Hz, while the 12” can be crossed over as high as 4kHz. Both drivers are strong performers in multi-way systems.


To assist with the growing interest in home built enclosure designs, Peavey provides complete parameter data on these drivers, as well as several recommended enclosures for each model. This information and much more can be found at www. peavey.com. The strength of the completed enclosure has a great effect on the bass performance of the finished system. Box panels that aren’t stiff enough will vibrate, canceling bass produced by the woofer and creating undesired sounds of their own. If your box vibrates or you don’t think the box panels are stiff enough, add more bracing.

Vents used in the examples require standard Schedule 40 PVC pipe for vent construction. The pipe should be dadoed tightly into the back of the baffle and glued firmly in place with high quality epoxy or high strength, industrial grade hot glue. Rough up the outside of the pipe to improve the glue bond. Be sure to account for the displacement of the vent, bracing, horn (if used) and woofer or your enclosure before building it or it will be smaller than its intended volume. This can reduce bass output and mis-tune the enclosure.

Line the inside of the enclosure with polyester fiber batting such as quilt stuffing. The batting material should conform to California bedding fire codes. Attach the batting with spray adhesive or staples and keep material away from the end of the vent tube where it can be pulled in by air flow. When building a bandpass enclosure, design a panel or door to be removable for access to the woofer. Use foam weather-strips to seal the panel along with enough screws and bracing to prevent leaks and buzzes. Fill the sealed volume loosely with polyester fiber, but leave the vented volume empty. Place the magnet of the woofer in the vented side for improved cooling.

Handles, protective corners, cabinet covering, grille materials and crossovers are available through Peavey Accessories. Peavey does not supply hardware required for the manufacturing of flying systems, and recommends that builders should not suspend or fly any enclosure not certified for such applications.

More information here.

  • 2 layer, thermally bonded copper wire voice coil
  • Kapton® voice coil former with Nomex® stiffener
  • Lightweight, rigid, stamped steel basket

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