How to Replace a High Frequency Diaphragm
Save time and money by fixing your blown high frequency driver.

Now you can replace your own high-frequency driver diaphragm!

Replacement Diaphragms for High Frequency Drivers Made Easy!

If you own a high frequency driver with a replaceable diaphragm assembly, you can fix it yourself quickly and easily! With just a few easy steps, and a replacement diaphragm available from, you can have your HF driver working again in a few minutes! Just follow these easy-to-do Replacement Diaphragm instructions!

Replace diaphragm 1

Great care must be taken when replacing a diaphragm, so take your time and do it right!
Start by removing the scews that secure the diaphragm housing to the magnet.
These are usually located on the front side of the magnet assembly.

Replace diaphragm 2

Carefully lift off the housing assembly. Clean and inspect the voice coil gap.
Remove all foreign material and make sure it is uniform in shape.
Most diaphragms fail because of too much power, distortion, or too low of a cross-over point.

Replace diaphragm 3

Test fit the new diaphragm into the housing. See how it lines up and make sure that you have the right part.
DO NOT FORCE IT! It should fit perfectly.

Replace diaphragm 4

Align the diaphragm into the housing and re-install the screws.
DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. Too much torque can warp the diaphragm and damage the driver.

Replace diaphragm 5

Carefully align the voice coil into the magnet slot.
It should fit perfectly and slide in without any friction.

Replace diaphragm 6

Line up the holes and tighten the screws firmly but do not over tighten.
Sweep test (generate a wide range of frequencies) the driver after connecting
it back into the speaker cabinet and connecting it to it's horn or lens.
Listen for buzzes or rattles as this is a sign of incorrect installation or other damage.

That's it! Your HF driver should be as good as new! If you need any advice or other info about replacement diaphragms, e-mail us or give us a call at 1.847.963.0733.