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Celestion Replacement Diaphragms

Get the replacement diaphragm you need for your Celestion HF drivers in a range of sizes and impedances.

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T5500/R Replacement Diaphragm CELESTION T5500/R

Replacement diaphragm for
Celestion HF50, 8 ohm

Our Price: $17.99
T5503 Replacement Diaphragm for the CDX1 Driver CELESTION T5503

Replacement diaphragm for CDX1-1415,
CDX1-1425, CDX1-1430, QSC HPR122i,
HPR153i and HPR153F and others, 8 ohm.

Our Price: $29.99
T5510 Replacement Diaphragm for the CDX1-1730 Driver CELESTION T5510

Replacement Diaphragm fits CDX1-1731,
CDX1-1745, CDX1-1746, QSC K12, K153 and others
, 8 ohm

Our Price: $35.99
T5526 Replacement Diaphragm for the CDX14-3050 Driver CELESTION T5526

Replacement Diaphragm for CDX14-3060,
CDX20-3000, CDX20-3075
, 8 ohm

Our Price: $129.99
T5549 Replacement Diaphragm for the CDX1-1445 Driver CELESTION T5549

Replacement Diaphragm fits CDX1-1445
CDX1-1446 HF Driver, 8 ohm

Our Price: $19.99