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P Audio Speakers logoOne of the best kept secrets of the speaker world, P Audio makes some of the best speakers and high frequency drivers in the world. These products are used in many of the most popular cabinets made by major sound and musical instrument companies. P Audio components are used by world class manufacturers B-52, EAW, Mackie, Turbosound, Wharfdale, Yorkville, and many others.

Take a look at the vast array of subwoofers, low frequency speakers, midranges, high frequency drivers, replacement diaphragms, and much more. Be sure to take a look at the many new light-weight neodymium speakers and drivers now available.

P Audio is known for quality and innovation combined with the best possible service and support. P Audio audio products are found in many worldwide sound installations including theaters, discotheques, clubs, shopping malls, multiplexes, pubs, offices, hotels and even outdoor applications. They recently launched a wide range of transducers using neodymium magnets for higher SPL ratings and lighter weight that are especially popular with tour operators using flying systems.

P Audio Pro Audio Speakers P Audio High Frequency Drivers P Audio Replacement Diaphragms

P Audio Pro Audio Speakers

P Audio Pro Audio Speakers

If you are looking for high-power, well engineered speakers a great price, then dig into these P Audio speakers!

P Audio HF Drivers

P Audio High Frequency Drivers

Check out some of these 1", 1.4" and 2" high frequency drivers available in neodymium and ferrite styles.

P Audio Replacement Diaphragms

P Audio Replacement HF Diaphragms

Find the right replacement diaphragm for your P Audio or OEM high frequency driver here.
P Audio Line Array Components P Audio Passive Speaker Cabinets
P Audio Line Array Parts

P Audio Line-Array Components

Line array systems are hot. And P Audio makes the parts you need. Check out the speakers and cast aluminum wave guides now available.

P Audio Passive Speaker Cabinets

P Audio Passive Speaker Cabinets

Grab a pair of these well-built cabinets for your DJ or installed sound system. Great prices!