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Eminence Replacement HF Diaphragms

When you need to get your Eminence high frequency driver fixed, just take a look at our selection. We have the right diaphragm to fit your driver. And Eminence drivers are used in many other brands of speaker cabinets like EAW, Community, Yamaha, and more. Be sure to get the right model size and impedance from your driver before ordering. If you need help just call us at 1.866.963.0733.

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Eminence MD2001.16DIA replacement diaphragm EMINENCE MD2001.16DIA

Type I Replacement Diaphragm
Fits Eminence, Yamaha and others
Contact Us for Cross Reference, 16 ohm

Our Price: $44.99
Eminence PSD2002.16 Replacement Diaphragm EMINENCE PSD2002.16DIA

Type II Replacement Diaphragm
Fits Eminence PSD2002 HF drivers, 16 ohm

Our Price: $44.99
Eminence PSD2002.8DIA  replacement diaphragm for PSD2002 HF driver EMINENCE PSD2002.8DIA

Type II Replacement Diaphragm
Fits Eminence PSD2002 HF drivers, 8 ohm
Fits Yamaha JAY2080, Wave, WF-112, Community CPL, EAW SM155e, Renkus Heinz SSD200-8, CD200-8, SSD2008, CD2008, SSD200-8-A, CD200-8-A

Our Price: $44.99
Eminence PSD3006.8DIA replacement diaphragm, 8 ohm EMINENCE PSD3006.8DIA

Replacement Diaphragm
Fits Eminence PSD3006 HF drivers, 8 ohm

Our Price: $119.99