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LaVoce Tweeters

Soft Dome Tweeters require special care in their design and manufacture, to ensure the frequency response and dispersion characteristics remain consistent, which Lavoce engineers and the production team have been successfully producing for a very long time.

The TN100.70 is a 1” design with 7.5W power handling (with heatsink option) and 88dB sensitivity, and the TN131.00 is a 1.3” design with 15W power handling (with heatsink option) and 89dB sensitivity. Both use neodymium magnet motor structures, exhibit a smooth frequency response to 30kHz and a controlled dispersion, making them perfect for smaller two-way monitors, install boxes and compact arrays.

A premium design approach is applied to everything we do and is expressed in our Soft Dome Tweeters, developed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and placed through our own demanding testing and QC measurement standards.