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B-52 Speakers, HF Drivers, Replacement Diaphragms

B-52 SpeakersB-52 Speakers are built to engineering perfection using the most innovative design concepts and materials. Every component of the B-52 Speakers is manufactured to maximum tolerances by some of the some of the most well-respected engineers in the world.

B-52 Speakers are subjected to a wide array of quality-assurance tests during and post assembly to make sure that all their systems and components are real-world reliable. We have a selection of replacement speakers and high frequency drivers to help fix your B-52 cabinets and get you on your way.

If you don't see the part that you need, give us a call at 1.866.963.0733 for more information.

B-52 High Frequency Drivers B-52 Pro Audio Speakers B-52 Replacement Diaphragms

B-52 HF Drivers

B-52 High Frequency Drivers

If you need to replace a blown HF driver in one of your B-52 cabinets or just want to add some high end to your cabinet, take a look a these B-52 1" exit compression drivers. Available in bolt-on or screw-on versions.
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B-52 Pro Audio Speakers

B-52 Pro Audio Speakers

Find the B-52 replacement speaker you need for your B-52 or various other manufacturers speaker cabinets. All B-52 pro audio speakers are tough and built to last through all those tough shows.
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B-52 replacement diaphragms

B-52 Replacement Diaphragms

Fix your high frequency drivers fast with one of our replacement diaphragms. We have the right size and fit from just about any B-52 driver, bt check your part number and our photo first!
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B-52 Comp-4D-CL Diaphragm B-52 Comp-4D-CL Diaphragm

Replacement diaphragm for B-52 4D-CL Series HF Drivers. 8 ohms.

Our Price: $49.99
B-52 Comp-4MX 1" HF Driver B-52 Comp-4MX

1" HF Driver
75W RMS, 1.75" Voice Coil
8 Ohm, 107dB Sensitivity

Our Price: $79.99
Celestion CDX1-1445 1" ferrite High Frequency driver CELESTION CDX1-1445

1" Ferrite HF Driver
20W RMS, 1.4" Voice Coil

8 Ohm, 106dB Sensitivity, Bolt-on

Our Price: $52.50
Celestion CDX1-1748 Ferrite 1" High Frequency Driver CELESTION CDX1-1748

1" Ferrite HF Driver
60W RMS, 1.75" Voice Coil

8 Ohm, 110dB Sensitivity, Screw-on

Our Price: $99.00
Celestion FTR18-4080FD 18" Subwoofer Speaker CELESTION FTR18-4080FD

18" Subwoofer Speaker
1000 Watts RMS, 4.0" Voice Coil
8 Ohms, 97dB Sensitivity
Ideal upgrade for EV QRX218S

List Price: $269.99
Our Price: $269.99
Sale Price: $259.99
Savings: $10.00
Eminence Beta 10A Bass/Mid-bass speaker EMINENCE BETA 10A

10" Speaker,
250 W RMS, 2.0" voice coil
8 Ohm, 97db Sensitivity
Ideal replacement for Mackie SRM-350

List Price: $99.99
Our Price: $99.99

Eminence Beta 12A-2 replacement speaker EMINENCE BETA 12A

12" Speaker,
250W RMS, 2.0" Voice Coil
8 Ohm, 98dB Sensitivity
Ideal Upgrade for Mackie Thump 12

List Price: $119.99
Our Price: $119.99
Eminence Kappa 15LFA 15" subwoofer speaker EMINENCE KAPPA 15LFA

15" Speaker,
600W RMS, 3.0" Voice Coil
8 Ohm, 99dB Sensitivity

Our Price: $194.99

Eminence Kappa Pro 18LF 18" Subwoofer Speaker EMINENCE KAPPA PRO 18LF

18" Subwoofer Speaker,
800W RMS, 3.0" Voice Coil
8 Ohm, 98dB Sensitivity
Ideal upgrade for Mackie SRM1801
and Harbinger HX118S.
Direct replacement for B-52 18-180L.

List Price: $299.99
Our Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $249.99
Savings: $50.00

EMINENCE NSW6021 21" Subwoofer Speaker EMINENCE NSW6021 21" Subwoofer

21" Subwoofer Speaker,
2500W RMS, 6.0" Voice Coil
8 Ohm, 97dB Sensitivity

List Price: $1,299.99
Our Price: $1,299.99
Sale Price: $1,209.99
Savings: $90.00