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Eighteen Sound Pro Audio Speakers

If you are looking for the best loudspeakers for your cabinets, then 18 Sound has the gear you are looking for. These high-powered speakers are perfect as replacement drivers for your cabinets of any size. If you are looking for the latest in neodymium subwoofers, 18 Sound has them. Check out the full line of products from small 8-inch speakers to the fantastic 21-inch subwoofer that will blow you away!

21" Subwoofer Speakers 18" Subwoofer Speakers 15" Low Frequency Speakers
Eighteen Sound 21" Subwoofer Speakers

Eighteen Sound 21" Subwoofer Speakers

Only a 21" subwoofer can roll your socks up and down! And Eighteen Sound has the best. If you want killer lows, look at these bad boys! Ferrite or light-weight neodymium.
Eighteen Sound 18" Subwoofer Speakers

Eighteen Sound 18" Subwoofer Speakers

We carry a wide range of Eighteen Sound 18" subwoofers in both ferrite and neodymium magnet type. These high-power subs can take the heat and keep rocking'!
Eighteen Sound 15" Subwoofer Speakers

Eighteen Sound 15" Subwoofer Speakers

Find the right 15" replacement subwoofer to match your cabinets. Eighteen Sound makes some of the best high-powered speakers, including neodymium, that can handle whatever you can dish out.
12" Speakers 10" Speakers 8" Speakers
18 Sound 12" Bass Speakers

Eighteen Sound 12" Subwoofer Speakers

When you need a great replacement 12" bass or mid-bass speaker, look to Eighteen Sound. Find the right driver for your cabinet at a economical price.
18 Sound 10" Mid-Bass Speakers

Eighteen Sound 10" Mid-Bass Speakers

If you need a tough 10" mid-bass speaker for your line array or 3-way cabs, look to Eighteen Sound for some heavy-hitting speakers. Large magnets or light-weight neodymium, these guys are monsters.
18 Sound 8" Mid-Bass Speakers

Eighteen Sound 8" Mid-Bass Speakers

Check out our selection of some hard performing 18 Sound 8" mid-bass and midrange speakers available now! Find the right replacement 8" mid-bass speaker for your cabinets.
5"- 6" Speakers 18 Sound Recone Kits Co-Ax Speakers
18 Sound 5" & 6" Speakers

Eighteen Sound 5" & 6" Speakers

Take a look at these awesome 5-6" replacement speakers. They are perfect for many of the small 2-way cabinets used as monitors for bands and studios. Available in neodymium, too.
18 Sound Recone Kits

Eighteen Sound Recone Kits

Need to get your 18 Sound speaker fixed? Check out these redone kits that will get you back in the game. Loudspeakers plus will help you get it done.
18 Sound Co-Ax Speakers

Eighteen Sound Co-Ax Speakers

This is the economical way to pack a ton of sound into a small package. Great for stage monitors and other small speakers that require high-power and full range sound