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LoudspeakersPlus Pro Audio Products

Check out the complete line of replacement parts available from LoudspeakersPlus. Our parts are half the cost of regular OEM replacement parts and work as good or even better. See if we have the parts you need to get your pro audio gear working again. When you need to get a replacement diaphragm or your high frequency driver, take a look a the vast selection LoudspeakersPlus has to offer. We probably have the right for your cabinet!

We carry a variety of replacement High Frequency Driver Diaphragms that fit the most popular drivers in use today.. These are high-quality after-market products are built to out-perform the standard OEM replacement parts that are so expensive these days. When one of your high-frequency drivers has a melt down, try one of our economically-priced replacement diaphragms!

Replacement High Frequency Diaphragms
LoudspeakersPlus replacement HF Diaphragms

LoudspeakersPlus Replacement Diaphragms

Looking for an economical way to get your high frequency driver working again? Take a look at the display of LoudspeakersPlus replacement diaphragms that fit many HF drivers including JBL, LoudspeakersPlus, P Audio, Vega, Klipsch, Altec and more.
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