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Eminence Guitar Speakers

TF1250 guitar speakerNEW Signature Series models for 2015! Eminence, Eric Johnson, and George Alessandro have teamed up once again to reinvent vintage tone in the EJ-1240. And following the success of the George Alessandro 12″ GA-SC64, Eminence is proud to introduce a 10″ version, the GA10-SC64. We’re also excited to introduce a new signature model voiced by internationally known solo artist Tomo Fujita, the TF-1250. Make one of these unique models part of YOUR signature sound!

Most red-blooded American guitar players have a favorite amp tone they dream about. It may be a 50s twang, a 60s groove or the edge of the 90s. Whatever the sound, from the bayou to the blues, the Patriot Series has a speaker that can deliver it. From thumping bass, mellow mid-tones or soaring highs, Patriot speakers offer different balances of that spectrum with a wide selection of models. Pick your sound, and then pick your speaker.

There are certain tones that stand out in musical history. In rock, in blues and all kinds of music. The Redcoat Series captures some of the most well-known amp tones ever recorded and revered for decades. Ranging from tight and bright to growling grit, there’s a Redcoat model that’ll bring classic sounds alive for today’s players. Give your audience a live lesson in history, and in tone.

The Legend Series - t
he tone that started it all. This long-standing line of guitar speakers didn’t get its name by accident. Known for their power, reliability and value, these rock-solid speakers have backed legendary players in legendary venues. Look inside some of the best sounding amps and you may see a Legend that was factory-installed or put in as a replacement. Either way you’ll know someone knew what tone they wanted and how to get it. If you want to sound like a legend, play one.

10" Guitar Speakers 12" Guitar Speakers 15" Guitar Speakers

Eminence 10" Guitar Speakers

Eminence 10" Guitar Speakers

If you are looking for a different tone for your guitar cabinet, install one of Eminences wide selection of 10" speakers that each has a unique sound quality and footprint. Audition one today and see what you are missing.
Eminence 12" Guitar Speakers

Eminence 12" Guitar Speakers

Make your guitar rig sing with your signature sound by changing out your old 12" speakers with one of these uniquely-toned Eminence replacement speakers. Available in high-power versions, adjustable cone, hemp-coned, and just about anything else you can imagine. Test drive one today!
Eminence 15" Bass Guitar Speakers

Eminence 15" Guitar Speakers

When you need some beef in your sound, replace this cold worn out 15" speakers with one of Eminence's high-power beauties. Each has a unique tone characteristic and will bring your sound to new levels.
8" Guitar Speakers
Eminence 8" Guitar Speakers

Eminence 8" Guitar Speakers

Replace the small, weak 8" speaker in your practice amp with this hemp-coned tone machine. It offers prominent mids, but with a warm, smooth texture. Check it out and put some life into your little guy!