Turbosound Replacement Speakers

Turbosound speakersTurbosound makes some of the pro audio speakers around and they are used worldwide. When something goes wrong with your speaker, it can be hard to find the replacement parts to get it working again. Get your Turbosound speakers back on-line with these easy-to-install replacement speakers. They are direct replacement parts. Check your Turbosound speakers carefully to be sure that you order the right replacement parts. Sometimes the model looks the same but is an upgraded version. If you don't see the speaker that you need, give us a call at 1.866.963.0733

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Celestion FTR15-3070C 15" Bass/MId-Bass Speaker CELESTION FTR15-3070C

15" Bass/Mid-Bass Speaker
400 Watts RMS, 3.0" Voice Coil
8 Ohms, 99dB Sensitivity

Our Price: $159.99
Celestion FTR15-4080HDX 15" Subwoofer Speaker CELESTION FTR15-4080HDX

15" Subwoofer Speaker
1000 Watts RMS, 4.0" Voice Coil
8 Ohms, 96dB Sensitivity

Our Price: $249.99
T5510 Replacement Diaphragm for the CDX1-1730 Driver CELESTION T5510

Fits CDX1-1731, CDX1-1745, CDX1-1746 and others - 8 OHM. Also fits Harbinger HP series cabinets. Direct replacement for QSC K12 and K153 drivers.

Our Price: $71.25
Sale Price: $46.29
Savings: $24.96
Celestion TF1225 12"Bass/ Midrange Speaker CELESTION TF1225

12" Bass/Midrange Speaker
250 Watts RMS, 2.5" Voice Coil
8 Ohms, 97dB Sensitivity
Direct replacement for QSC K12.
Ideal upgrade for the Alto 12.

List Price: $171.00
Our Price: $113.99
Sale Price: $113.99
Savings: $57.01

Eminence Delta 12LFC 12" Woofer Speaker EMINENCE DELTA 12LFC

12" Speaker,
500W RMS, 2.5" Voice Coil
4 Ohm, 94.6dB Sensitivity
Can be used for Turbosound IQ12.

Our Price: $139.99
Eminence Delta Pro 15A 15" Woofer EMINENCE DELTA PRO 15A

15" Speaker,
400W RMS, 2.5" Voice Coil
8 Ohm, 101.6dB Sensitivity

List Price: $184.99
Our Price: $184.99
BMD440-RD ​Replacement Diaphragm P AUDIO BMD440.8RD

Replacement diaphragm for P Audio
440 driver, others, 8 ohm.

Our Price: $47.99

BMD750.8RD ​Replacement Diaphragm P AUDIO BMD750.8RD

Replacement diaphragm for P Audio
BMD740 and 750 Driver, 8 ohm.

Our Price: $89.98