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Eighteen Sound High Frequency Drivers & Parts

Take a look at the great selection of 18 Sound high frequency compression drivers including the new neodymium series. Drivers are available in 1-inch, 1.4-inch, 1.5-inch and 2-inch exit sizes along with the horn flares that go with them. If you are looking for high-quality professional pro audio drivers, then check out the Eighteen Sound line of products.

1" High Frequency Drivers 1.4" - 1.5" High Frequency Drivers 2" High Frequency Drivers
Eighteen Sund 1" HF Drivers

Eighteen Sound 1" HF Drivers

18 Sound makes some of the best 1" replacement high frequency drivers available today including weight-saving neodymium versions. Check them out now!
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18 Sound 1.4" and 1.5" HF Drivers

Eighteen Sound 1.4 & 1.5" HF Drivers

Many pro audio cabinets use 1.4" or 1.5" exit drivers in their two-way systems. Find the right high frequency driver for your cabinet in regular or light-weight neodymium
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18 Sound 2" high frequency drivers

Eighteen Sound 2" HF Drivers

Looking for a powerful, light-weight replacement high frequency driver? We got them! 18 Sound makes the best 2" HF drivers for the best prices
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Horn Flares Replacement Diaphragms

18 Sound Horn Flares

Eighteen Sound Horn Flares

If you need to replace your current horn for your HF driver, take a look at the wide selection available from 18 Sound. Aluminum or polyurethane models including line array types
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18 Sound Replacement Diaphragms

Eighteen Sound Replacement Diaphragms

We have all the 18 Sound replacement diaphragms you need to get your high frequency drivers working again. Check your driver model number and match to our replacement parts
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