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Celestion Pro Audio Speakers

You might not know it, but Celestion supplies many of the speakers used in speaker cabinets built by other companies. They make a wide range of hard-hitting replacement subwoofers, bass speakers and midrange speakers that can get your rig back on track. Celestion is also offering a variety of neodymium subwoofers and speakers that are light-weight but can handle the power. Check out the wide range of speakers now available at great prices.

And we also carry a full selection of redone kits in case things get out of hand at a show. If you have any questions about choosing the right replacement parts or speaker for your cabinet, give us a call at 866.963.0733.

Be sure to check out the Celestion Speaker Application Guide here to get info to help match your cabinet to a Celestion speaker.

21" Subwoofer Speakers 18" Subwoofer Speakers 15" Low Frequency Speakers
Celestion 21" Subwoofer Speakers

Celestion 21" Subwoofer Speakers

When you want to have the lowest, baddest bass around, go big or go home. The Celestion 21" neodymium subwoofer will take you new lows and handle tons of power. Check it out!
Celestion 18" Subwoofer Speakers

Celestion 18" Subwoofer Speakers

Celestion makes some of the toughest 18" subwoofers out there including some that handle over 1600W RMS! The high-power brutes can take a beating without letting you down.
Celestion 15" Subwoofer Speakers

Celestion 15" Subwoofers Speakers

Select from our wide array of Celestion 15" replacement subwoofer speakers to help your sound improve right awa. They range from high-power monsters to economical subwoofers that for any budget.
12" Speakers 10" Speakers 8" Speakers

Celestion 12" Bass Speakers

Celestion 12" Bass Speakers

If you need a tough 12" replacement bass speaker for your 2 and 3-way cabs, look to Celestion for both economical and high-power versions. Celestion makes many of the speakers used in popular 12" pro audio cabinets from various manufacturers
Celestion 10" Mid-Bass Speakers

Celestion 10" Mid-Bass Speakers

We have a selection of economical Celestion 10" replacement mid-bass speakers at some great prices. Swap out those old tired 10's in your cabinets and get back to making some music
Celestion 8" Midrange Speakers

Celestion 8" Midrange Speakers

These Celestion 8" midrange speakers are perfect replacement for you small pro audio monitors. Available in open or closed backed versions and all at an economical price
6" Speakers 4-5" Speakers Recone Kits
Celestion 6" Midrange Speakers

Celestion 6" Speakers

Fix your monitors or multiple speaker systems with one of these economical 6" Celestion replacement speakers. Available in closed back or open back versions.
Celestion 5" Midrange Speaker

Celestion 4" - 5" Speakers

Fix your monitors or multiple speaker systems with one of these economical 4" or 5" Celestion replacement speakers. Lots of punch and tone in a little package.
Celestion Pro Audio Recone kits

Celestion Pro Audio Recone Kits

Get your Celestion pro audio speakers back on line and making beautiful music fast with one of our redone kits. Let LoudspeakersPlus help you get your speakers working again fast!