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Celestion High frequency Drivers

When you really need a compression driver that you can count on, choose a Celestion CDX1 Series driver. You can get the size you need to fit just about any cabinet and horn style including new neodymium drivers that are light-weight and super efficient.

And we carry a full selection of replacement diaphragms in case things get out of hand at a show. If you have any questions about choosing the right driver for your cabinet, give us a call at 866.963.0733

1" High Frequency Drivers Replacement Diaphragms
Celestion 1" HF Drivers

Celestion 1" High Frequency Drivers

Popular in many 2-way cabinets from various manufacturers, these Celestion drivers are hard-working and have easy-to-replace diaphragms. Fit the right size and fittings for your cabinet today
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Celestion Replacement Diaphragms

Celestion Replacement HF Diaphragms

When it's time to fix your blown high frequency driver, look to LoudspeakersPlus for the right Celestion replacement diaphragm to get your high end sparking again. Check your driver model number carefully
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