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EV HF Replacement Diaphragms

Find the genuine EV (Electro-Voice) replacement diaphragm that you need to get your EV HF driver working in like new condition.
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EV81161XX Replacement Diaphragm EV 81161XX

Replacement diaphragm for EV DH2A, DH2, DH2/AS1, DH2/AS2, DH2AMT and more.

Our Price: $159.99
EV81514XX Replacement Diaphragm EV 81514XX

Replacement diaphragm for EV DH2010A, DH200S, DH2010A, DH-3, DH-2005, DH-2010A, 833-2442, more.

Our Price: $109.99
EV DH1K Replacement Diaphragm EV DH1K

Replacement Diaphragm used in DH1K, DH1-K, ELX112, ELX115, ELX215, ELX-112, ELX-115, ELX-215, ELX112P, ELX115P, ELX-112P, ELX-115P, ASY001060000, S-F01U247593, Live X, Live-X, LiveX

Our Price: $53.99
EV F018281502 Replacement Diaphragm EV F018281502

Replacement diaphragm for EV DH1, DH1A, DH1AM7, DH1A-WP, DH1A-WPX, DH1012. N-DYM1 and more.

Our Price: $197.99
EV F01U110484 Replacement Diaphragm EV F01U110484

Replacement diaphragm for ND2, ND2-8, ND2S-8, 301681101, 301362001, EVF-1122S/94, EVF1122S/96, EVF-1122/99, EVF-1122S/126 HF Drivers and more, 8 ohm - 800810100

Our Price: $179.99
EV F01U110485 Replacement Diaphragm EV F01U110485

Replacement diaphragm for the EV ND2-16, D2-16, ND2S-16, 301537101, 301177030, F.01U.110.485, F.01U.157.416, PX1122M, PX1152, PX1152M, PX2122, X2152, ZXA5, ZXA5-60W, ZXA5-230V, ZXA5-60W 230V and others. 16 ohms.

Our Price: $179.99
EV F01U281501 Replacement Diaphragm EV F01U281501

Replacement Diaphragm for DH5-16WPX, DH6-16, DH7-16, N-DYM-1, N/DYM5-16, N/DYM 5-8/2, ND6-16. 16 ohm.

Our Price: $197.99