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Celestion Guitar & Bass Speakers

Best known for their wide array of the best-sounding guitar speakers in the world, Celestion speakers have a sound all to their own. Whether you have one of the classic Alnico speakers like the Blue or the Gold, the famous Greenback Series, the new custom-designed Signature Series, the high-power modern Series or the hard-hitting bass speakers, you know you can get the sound you want from your rig.

Take a look at all the Celestion guitar and bass speakers now available at some really outstanding prices. If you have any questions about choosing the right speaker for your amp or cabinet, give us a call at 866.963.0733.

And download the Celestion Speaker Product Guide for a handy reference that compares and describes all you favorite Celestion speakers.

10" Guitar Speakers 12" Guitar Speakers 8" Guitar Speakers

Celestion 10" Replacement Guitar Speakers

Celestion 10" Guitar Speakers

We have everything from the Celestion classic 10" Greenbacks and Alnico Golds to more modern high-power guitar speakers. Put some tone in your speaker cabinet today.
12" Celestion Guitar Speakers

Celestion 12" Guitar Speakers

Nobody makes a 12" guitar speaker that sounds better than Celestion. Take a look at the wide selection we have available and pick a speaker that will bring your sound potential to its fullest.
Celestion 8" Guitar Speakers

Celestion 8" Guitar Speakers

Replace that old stock speaker in your Fender Champ or other small practice amp with a new Celestion 8" speaker that will add tone and performance.
Celestion Guitar Recone Kits
Celestion Guitar Speaker Recone Kits

Celestion Guitar Speaker Recone Kits

Yeah, sometimes you get carried away and fry one of your guitar speakers. But if you need to get your Celestion guitar speaker reckoned, we can help. Check out these options.