Selenium Speakers, High Frequency Drivers, Horns and Crossovers

Selenium speakers and high frequency driversSelenium is one of the largest speaker companies in the world and we bring you thier high-quality professional line of products. These include the SWS Series subwoofers, 1" and 2" high frequency compression drivers, horns, replacement diaphragms and crossovers.

Be sure to check out Selenium's wide range of 1-inch and 2-inch high-frequency drivers that feature bolt-on or screw-on connections, power ranges from 50W to 125W RMS, titanium diaphragms and a new light-weight neodymium model.

Selenium 18SWS1100 subwooferThe Selenium 18SWS1100 Subwoofer Speaker

This a high power 18” professional subwoofer is specially designed to reproduce sound at the very low end of the audio spectrum and handle 1100 watts! A 4” (100 mm) voice coil wound in a fiberglass former with flat aluminum wire drives the moving assembly. Test drive one today!

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