Subwoofer and 2-Way Cabinet Designs
Download your set of plans for 18" and 15" cabinets and start building!

Build Your Own Subwoofer or 2-Way Full Range Cabinet!

We are very pleased offer you these PDF’s of Lavoce, Celestial and 18 Sound cabinet designs. These are tried and tested designs, which have detailed plans and performance data for each subwoofer option shown. Building your own cabinets can be challenging, but the efforts are definitely with the work.

Click on the link to get a pdf of each of the following cabinets designs:

Subwoofer and Full-Range Cabinet Designs

We hope you like them! Have fun!

LaVoce Bassline 118H:
1 x 18” Horn loaded – SAF184.02 or SAN184.02

LaVoce Bass Cab Plans 118H
Download pdf

LaVoce Bassline 118R:
1 x 18” Bass reflex – SAF184.04,
SAN184.03, SAF184.02 or SAN184.02

LaVoce bass cab plans 118R
Download pdf
LaVoce Bassline 218R:
2 x 18” Bass reflex - SAF184.02 or SAN184.02
LaVoce bass cab plans 218R

Download pdf

LaVoce Bassline 121RN:
1 x 21” Bass reflex – SAN214.50

LaVoce bass cab plans 121RN
Download pdf

Celestion TF1530 Subwoofer:
1 x 15” ported enclosure - TF1530e

Celestion 1530e subwoofer plans

Download pdf
Celestion TF1525e System:
15” 2-way enclosure - TF1525e

Download pdf
Celestion TF1225 System:
15” 2-way enclosure - TF1225e

Download pdf